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Millie Hamner

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Office Democrat
D: 30.5%
R: 25.9%
U: 41.6%
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Phone 303-866-2952
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Occupation Legislator
Education University of Denver
Candidate Committee Info

Name: COMMITTEE TO ELECT MILLIE HAMNER Committee ID: 20125023197 Physical Address: 12 COACHMAN COURT Committee Type: Candidate Committee         DILLON CO 80435 Status: Active Mailing Address: PO BOX 1304 Date Registered: 01/23/2012         FRISCO CO 80443 Date Terminated:   Phone: 970-513-6626     Fax:   970-368-1049     Web:                   Purpose: TO ELECT DEMOCRATE MILLIE HAMENR TO THE OFFICE OF STATE HOUSE, DISTRICT 61. THIS IS NECESSARY DUE TO REDISTRICTING OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. THIS WAS PREVIOUSLY FOR HOUSE DISTRICT 56.   Registered Agent: KAREN STRAKBEIN Phone: 970-418-0210 Email: KSTRAKBEIN@GMAIL.COM  

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