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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

Colorado Capitol Watch and the 2019 General Assembly

Colorado Capitol Watch provides the most comprehensive resources for the 2019 General Assembly. Find individual legislator pages for new and existing lawmakers.  Includes contact info and links to websites, social media, and donors. Check out election numbers and voter registration data. Use legislator reports to share with others, including clients and association members.  Now is the time to subscribe.


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Democrats jump to a dominant start

The 2019 General Assembly has introduced 244 bills as of January 27. Ninety-five are bipartisan, 84 have Democratic sponsors and 65 have all GOP sponsors. So far, the subjects with the most legislation are education and school finance at 38 bills, health and insurance at 27 bills, public health at 20 bills, crime and enforcement at 17 bills, and natural resources at 10 bills. The . . .

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Lawmakers get high on marijuana fund spending

Colorado legislators this session are close to overspending the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund, the state account that holds the revenues from the various taxes on cannabis products. State fiscal analysts estimate that fund will have a net $117.7 million available for spending in the 2017-18 budget year. But marijuana appropriations proposed in the main state budget plus spending proposed . . .
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Legislative campaign season off to a fast start

The 2018 general election is 15 months away, but more than 100 people already have filed candidacy papers for the House or Senate. And some of those candidates already are raising big money. As of the most recent filing deadline on July 17, more than $558,000 had been raised by 78 registered House candidates . . .
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New lawmakers prepare for the 2019 General Assembly

New Colorado lawmakers don’t have much time to prepare for the 2019 General Assembly.  Thirty-two newly elected officials will take new office:  22 in the House and 13 in the Senate.  Five new Senate members move from the House. About 33 percent of the Democrat-controlled House will be new members and 37 percent of the Democrat-controlled Senate will be new . . .
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Midterms up to $180 million with women the deciding voters

Colorado’s political world reported $30 million in expenditures in the first two weeks in October. Independent Expenditure Committees took in $23,286,581 in the same period. Oil and gas industry funds up in opposition to proposition 112 and for property rights Protect Colorado, the oil and gas industry main campaign funding arm, took in $6,322,503 . . .
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