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Legislative Year: 2019 Change

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The big bills, as usual, have to wait until the big pieces of the state's budget are decided.  The Long Bill has passed through the House and Senate, and the many ideas from both sides have to be reconciled.

Meanwhile, several session-making issues are outstanding.  It's clear that the swiss replica watches Department of Transportation will get a big shot in the arm, but without help for an initiative from the legislature.  If an initiative gets on a ballot, the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce will carry that water.

PERA needs somewhere between $32 billion and $50 billion, according to the PERA board.  The difference depends on accounting methods.  The legislature has three sources for new money:  employees, employers, and the state.  PERA recipients will no doubt be hit with reduced benefits.  Part of the equation is how fast the legislature decides the money needs to pour in.

School finance remains a disaster, even with some extra funds.  The state owes school districts a lot of money.  Even if the state gives schools additional dollars, they are likely to get eaten up by higher employer expenses into PERA.  It's a dog's world for schools.

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