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Bill Detail: SB20-186

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Title Colorado Redistricting Commissions
Status Governor Signed (07/11/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Elections & Redistricting
House Sponsors A. Garnett (D)
P. Neville (R)
Senate Sponsors C. Holbert (R)
S. Fenberg (D)
House Committee State, Veterans, and Military Affairs
Senate Committee State, Veterans and Military Affairs
Date Introduced 02/27/2020

Executive Committee of the Legislative Council. Section 1 of
the bill repeals the existing statutory criteria for congressional districts.
Sections 2 to 12 of the bill establish statutory provisions
concerning congressional districts established by the new independent
congressional redistricting commission (congressional commission) and
update the existing statutory provisions related to the independent

legislative redistricting commission (legislative commission), including:
  • Stating the general assembly's intent that the commissions
apply the correct federal citation to the Voting Rights Act
of 1965 rather than the incorrect citation contained in the
Colorado constitution;
  • Requiring the legislative commission to designate which
year an election for each senate district takes place and to
specify from which district a new senator is elected when
there is a vacancy in a senatorial district;
  • Requiring the commissions to provide maps of the
proposed and final congressional and legislative districts to
county clerks, the Colorado supreme court, and the
secretary of state;
  • Requiring boards of county commissioners to approve new
precinct boundaries and to notify the secretary of state and
major party chairs of the new precinct boundaries;
  • Specifying how the secretary of state may correct a
redistricting plan if an approved plan fails to include
property in any district, includes property in more than one
district, or splits a residential parcel;
  • Specifying that the boundaries of a district approved in a
redistricting plan do not change if there is a change in a
county or municipal boundary; and
  • Requiring the secretary of state to provide maps of districts
to candidates.
Section 13 of the bill repeals outdated provisions that prohibited
the state from using population figures adjusted through statistical
sampling for redistricting and requires the commissions to use the total
population used by the federal census bureau in reapportioning the seats
in congress.
Sections 14 to 17 of the bill make conforming amendments to
update the statutes on the redistricting account in the legislative cash
fund, the Colorado Open Records Act, and duties of county
commissioners to reflect the congressional and legislative commissions.
Sections 18 to 24 of the bill contain nonstatutory provisions
relating to the congressional and legislative commissions as required by
the state constitution, including:
  • Appointing nonpartisan staff to assist the commissions;
  • Directing staff to prepare forms for and review applications
from persons interested in serving on the commissions and
assisting the panels of retired justices and judges who
appoint members of the commissions;
  • Assembling the necessary hardware, software, and
information necessary for the commissions and nonpartisan
staff to redistrict congressional and legislative districts; and
  • Establishing the necessary procedures for the judicial
panels, commissions, and nonpartisan staff to receive a per
diem and reimbursement of expenses.

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