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Bill Detail: SB19-101

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Title Prerequisites For Construction Of Managed Lanes
Status Senate Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely (02/26/2019)
Bill Subjects
  • Transportation & Motor Vehicles
House Sponsors T. Carver (R)
Senate Sponsors P. Lundeen (R)
House Committee
Senate Committee Transportation and Energy
Date Introduced 01/23/2019

The bill prohibits the department of transportation (CDOT) or any
enterprise of CDOT from constructing or designating a managed lane on
a state highway unless:
  • CDOT or the enterprise, taking safety, productivity, and
public cost considerations into account, considering
multiple highway configuration options and both managed

lane options that include tolling and managed lane options
that do not include tolling, and balancing any safety
impacts against the productivity and other benefits of
capacity expansion and congestion relief, has thoroughly
evaluated specified alternative means of increasing the
capacity of and reducing traffic congestion on the state
  • CDOT or the enterprise has published detailed written,
data-based findings that clearly establish that when
compared to the addition of one or more managed lanes all
of the alternatives evaluated are unfeasible or too unsafe to
be implemented or would not provide adequate capacity
expansion and congestion relief; and
  • CDOT has complied with new requirements of the bill that
it prepare and make readily available to the public on its
website a written report of the results of its public outreach
efforts relating to the managed lane and annually
summarize the report for the transportation and local
government committee of the house of representatives and
the transportation and energy committee of the senate.
Managed lane is defined to include a toll lane, a high occupancy toll
lane, or a high occupancy vehicle lane.

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