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Bill Detail: HB20-1313

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Title Administration Of Late Ballots
Status Governor Signed (07/10/2020)
Bill Subjects
  • Elections & Redistricting
House Sponsors T. Sullivan (D)
Senate Sponsors N. Todd (D)
House Committee State, Veterans, and Military Affairs
Senate Committee State, Veterans and Military Affairs
Date Introduced 02/21/2020

The bill specifies the following requirements in connection with
the administration of ballots mailed to electors towards the end of the
voting period:
  • Commencing the 15th day before an election through the
8th day before an election, section 1 of the bill requires the
county clerk and recorder (clerk) to process all voter

registration applications and updates to a voter registration
record that requires a new ballot to be sent to an elector
within 48 hours.
  • Section 3 permits an eligible elector to obtain a
replacement ballot if the ballot that was originally mailed
to the elector was destroyed, spoiled, lost, or for some other
reason not received by the elector. The bill specifies the
process by which the elector requests a replacement ballot.
  • The clerk is required to mail a replacement ballot to each
eligible elector who, after the date on which mail ballots
are sent, updated their voter registration address or
registered to vote.
  • The bill requires the clerk to deliver any original or
replacement ballot to the United States postal service
within one business day after processing a registration
application or update to a voter registration record that
requires a new ballot to be sent to an elector.
  • Commencing a certain period before the election, the bill
requires the clerk to mail all mail ballots to electors by first
class mail.
  • Section 4 imposes a duty on any person responsible for
preparing, issuing, transporting, or mailing ballots who has
personal knowledge that mail ballots under that person's
care have been either lost or stolen or will, for any reason,
not be timely delivered to electors, to report the issue to the
county clerk and recorder and to the secretary of state. A
violation results in a civil penalty.

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