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House and Senate Votes for Bill: SB18-214

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Title Request Self-sufficiency Waiver Medicaid Program
(CCW Summary)

Concerning a waiver from the federal government to implement self-sufficiency provisions in the Colorado medical assistance program.

Bill Status Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely
NOTE: For bills "postponed indefinitely", the committee vote signifies as follows:
a YES vote PIs the bill; a NO vote moves the bill forward.

Votes in the House

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No votes have been saved for this bill yet.

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Votes in the Senate

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Legislator Name Senate CommitteeSenate AppropriationsSenate Final vote
Irene Aguilar (D)
Larry Crowder (R)
John Kefalas (D)
Beth Martinez Humenik (R)
James Smallwood (R)
Senate Totals

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How to read this report

  • Committee vote is shown if the legislator is a member of the committee to which the bill was initially assigned.
  • Final vote represents the third reading vote in the legislator's chamber.
  • (A) reflects Excused Absence. Colorado Capitol Watch only counts excused absences. Missed votes categorized by the state as absent or abstained will show on this page as a blank.

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