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LAC Lobbyists: Holly Monkman, Peggy Leech, Celeste Landry, Gaythia Weis, Geoff Withers, Gerry Cummins, Jennifer Patterson, Thalia Oster

Bill: SB23-021
Title: Name Ordering On Primary Election Ballot
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The bill changes the ordering of names of candidates in primaries to be determined by drawing lots. This includes U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, state offices including legislature, and county and district offices that have primaries.

Currently, candidates chosen in party assemblies are listed first, and candidates who reach the ballot by petition are listed after them. Also, if more than 1 candidate qualifies by assembly, the one with the highest percentage is listed first. This bill would eliminate all of that and decide the ballot order by lot.

Possible amendment could be proposed to make Section 1, lines 10-12 clearer. The way it is currently written, it could imply that the only way to make the primary ballot is to receive at least 30% of the votes of the assembly. Add language: OR SUBMIT THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF VALID SIGNATURES ON A CANDIDATE PETITION,

StatusSenate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely (01/26/2023)
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DescriptionConcerning modification of the procedure for ordering of names on primary election ballots, and, in connection therewith, making conforming amendments to the procedure for ordering of names on a certificate of designation by assembly.
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Fiscal NotesFiscal Notes (01/18/2023)
House Sponsors
Senate SponsorsL. Liston (R)
House Committee
Senate CommitteeState, Veterans and Military Affairs
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