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Bill No. Title Official SummaryHouse SponsorsSenate SponsorsPositionAARP AdvocateCommentHearing DateHearing RoomHearing TimeStatus
HB13-1027 PUC Director Report To GA On Rate Cases K. Conti (R)L. Tochtrop (D)bSteve Merrill, Fred Wilhoft and Greg Glischinski Governor Action - Signed: 03/29/2013
HB13-1040 PERA Highest Average Salary K. Priola (R)eAW Schnellbacher, Teresa Reed, Ben Moultrie, Glenn Cooper, Stan UlrichHouse Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely: 02/06/2013
HB13-1054 Lessen Unempl Ins Benefit Reduction Retirement J. Melton (D)
T. Exum Sr. (D)
L. Tochtrop (D)bBen Moultrie, Jean Nofles, Eula Adams, and Dennis ValentineGovernor Action - Signed: 04/04/2013
HB13-1078 Repeal Colorado Health Benefit Exchange J. Joshi (R)T. Harvey (R)
S. Renfroe (R)
fCarol Pace, Kathleen Flynn, Teresa Reed, Glenn Cooper and Jean NoflesHouse Committee on Health, Insurance & Environment Postpone Indefinitely: 02/05/2013
HB13-1088 Office Of Health Equity CDPHE R. Fields (D)A. Giron (D)bKathleen Flynn and Jean NoflesGovernor Action - Signed: 03/15/2013
HB13-1115 CoverColorado Repeal B. McCann (D)E. Roberts (R)
P. Steadman (D)
cAW Schnellbacher and Carol PaceGovernor Action - Signed: 05/28/2013
HB13-1121 Pharmacist Substitute Biosimilar Products S. Schafer (D)
C. Murray (R)
R. Heath (D)
E. Roberts (R)
fShirley Leow, Greg Glischinski, Teresa Reed, Jean Nofles, Carol PaceAARP cannot support HB13-1121. This legislation is premature, has the potential to negatively impact access to prescription medication, and may lead to affordability issues that could cripple consumers. We strongly urge a “NO” vote on HB13-1121 – and would encourage a more prudent, thoughtful discussion of how Colorado will incorporate the guidance of the FDA with an emphasis on ensuring access to appropriate medication, based on the needs of the patients and the collaborative input of their health care providers. Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely: 05/02/2013
HB13-1145 Admin Of Senior & Veterans Property Tax Exemptions L. Court (D)M. Johnston (D)bDennis Valentine and Ann NortonGovernor Action - Signed: 04/04/2013
HB13-1146 ID Theft Victim CBI Records Challenge S. Lebsock (D)J. Ulibarri (D)bJack Beckner, Greg Glischinski, Jill Sanford, Teresa ReedGovernor Action - Signed: 03/15/2013
HB13-1175 Higher Ed Funding Before Medicaid Expansion B. DelGrosso (R)eJill Sanford, Greg Glischinski, AW Schnellbacher and Jean NoflesHouse Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely: 02/19/2013
HB13-1185 Low-income Energy Assistance Transfer From Sev Tax C. Gerou (R)
C. Duran (D)
P. Steadman (D)bGlenn Cooper and Dennis ValentineGovernor Action - Signed: 03/22/2013
HB13-1202 Counseling Relating To Scope Of Treatment Medicaid C. Gerou (R)
M. Ferrandino (D)
J. Kefalas (D)bDennis Valentine, Steve Merrill, AW Schnellbacher and Ben MoultrieGovernor Action - Signed: 04/08/2013
HB13-1216 Incentives for Distributed Energy C. Duran (D)cAnn Norton, Steve Merrill, Kathleen Flynn and Greg GlischinskiHouse Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely: 04/25/2013
HB13-1218 Office Consumer Counsel Duties S. Swalm (R)L. Tochtrop (D)cAnn Norton, Steve Merrill, Kathleen Flynn and Greg Glischinski House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely: 03/04/2013
HB13-1245 Funding Colorado Health Benefit Exchange B. McCann (D)P. Steadman (D)bJean Nofles, AW Schnellbacher and Carol PaceGovernor Action - Signed: 05/23/2013
HB13-1249 Foreclosure Sale & Loan Mod Document Requirements B. McCann (D)A. Giron (D)aAnn Norton, Kathleen Flynn, Jack Beckner, Jill Sanford, Jean Nofles, Eula Adams, Carol Pace and Teresa Reed House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely: 04/11/2013
HB13-1255 Internet Protocol Emerging Tech Telecom Incentives A. Williams (D)
C. Murray (R)
M. Scheffel (R)
A. Kerr (D)
fSteve Merrill, Fred Wilhoft, Ben Moultrie and Eula AdamsThe proposed legislation would unnecessarily eliminate state regulatory oversight of VoIP precisely at a time when consumer demand for VoIP is increasing. Although the bill is described as “clarify[ing]” the state’s authority, the bill would have the effect of eliminating the state’s authority over VoIP.Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely: 05/08/2013
HB13-1266 Health Insurance Alignment Federal Law B. McCann (D)
B. Gardner (R)
I. Aguilar (D)bJean Nofles, Ben Moultrie, AW Schnellbacher and Carol PaceGovernor Action - Signed: 05/13/2013
HB13-1290 Modernize Stop-loss Health Insurance B. McCann (D)I. Aguilar (D)bGreg Glischinski, Jean Nofles, Carol Pace, AW Schnellbacher and Ben MoultrieGovernor Action - Signed: 05/28/2013
HB13-1296 Civil Commitments And Task Force T. Kraft-Tharp (D)
B. McCann (D)
L. Newell (D)cDennis Valentine and Ann NortonGovernor Action - Signed: 05/16/2013
HB13-1303 Create The Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act D. Pabon (D)
D. Hullinghorst (D)
A. Giron (D)aJean Nofles, Jill Sanford, Teresa Reed, Jack Beckner and Glenn CooperGovernor Action - Signed: 05/10/2013
HB13-1314 Transfer Developmental Disabilities To HCPF C. Levy (D)
C. Gerou (R)
M. Hodge (D)cLinda Worrell and AW SchnellbacherGovernor Action - Signed: 05/28/2013
SB13-001 Colorado Working Families Economic Opportunity Act D. Kagan (D)J. Morse (D)
J. Kefalas (D)
cJack Beckner, Linda Worrell, AW Schnellbacher, Carol Pace, Teresa Reed, Jill Sanford, Jean Nofles, and Bev AgnewGovernor Action - Signed: 06/05/2013
SB13-004 Electronic Renewal Senior Identification Card J. Ginal (D)J. Kefalas (D)bCarol Pace, Greg Glischinski, Bev Agnew and Jill SanfordGovernor Action - Signed: 05/16/2013
SB13-006 No Reduction In K-12 Education To Expand Medicaid. D. Balmer (R)cAW Schnellbacher, Carol Pace, Jean Nofles, Jill Sanford, Teresa Reed, Greg Glischinski and Glenn CooperSenate Committee on Education Postpone Indefinitely: 01/31/2013
SB13-008 Eliminate Waiting Period Under CHP+ B. McCann (D)L. Newell (D)bJean Nofles, Carol Pace and Bev AgnewGovernor Action - Signed: 03/29/2013
SB13-026 Update Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act D. Primavera (D)M. Carroll (D)
I. Aguilar (D)
bShirley Leow, Greg Glischinski and Kathleen FlynnGovernor Action - Signed: 05/25/2013
SB13-046 Dialysis Clinic Authorization Treat Outpatients D. Primavera (D)J. Kefalas (D)bShirley Leow, Kathleen Flynn, Carol Pace and Greg GlischinskiGovernor Action - Signed: 03/22/2013
SB13-055 PERA Actuarial Soundness & Reporting Requirements L. Saine (R)K. Lambert (R)eBen MoultrieSenate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely: 02/04/2013
SB13-111 Require Reports Of Elder Abuse And Exploitation S. Schafer (D)
A. Stephens (R)
E. Hudak (D)aDennis Valentine, Jill Sanford, Bev Agnew, Ann Norton and Ben MoultrieAARP supports the formation and ongoing operation of multidisciplinary teams to address elder abuse issues that cannot be effectively resolved by a single discipline and train professionals from a variety of disciplines (including prosecutors, police officers, sheriffs, lawyers, employees of financial institutions, and APS agencies) to improve detection, investigation, and enforcement regarding cases of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.Governor Action - Signed: 05/16/2013
SB13-124 Requirements Of Insurance Intermediaries D. Primavera (D)J. Kefalas (D)bBen Moultrie, Jean Nofles, Carol Pace and Ann NortonSenate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Postpone Indefinitely: 04/15/2013
SB13-127 Sales Tax Revenue To Older Coloradans Cash Fund D. Primavera (D)L. Guzman (D)aJean Nofles and Linda WorrellThe passage of this bill is our top priority for the 2013 session as AARP Colorado works to keep older adults in their homes and independent. This money will help older Coloradans with services like caregiving and Meals on Wheels. Governor Action - Signed: 05/28/2013
SB13-144 Exempt Certain Hospitals Info Financial Assistance B. McCann (D)I. Aguilar (D)eJean Nofles, AW Schnellbacher and Carol PaceSenate Committee on Health & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely: 04/04/2013
SB13-194 Repeal Low-income Telephone Assistance Program C. Gerou (R)P. Steadman (D)cGlenn Cooper, Kathleen Flynn, Steve Merrill, Teresa Reed and Fred WilhoftSent to the Governor: 04/01/2013
SB13-200 Expand Medicaid Eligibility M. Ferrandino (D)I. Aguilar (D)aAW Schnellbacher, Jean Nofles, Carol Pace, Linda Worrell, Teresa Reed and Jack BecknerGovernor Action - Signed: 05/13/2013
SB13-209 Personal Needs Allowance Nursing Care Facilities L. Tochtrop (D)bAW Schnellbacher, Jean Nofles, Jill SanfordSenate Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely: 05/07/2013
SB13-230 2013-14 Long Appropriations Bill C. Levy (D)P. Steadman (D)cAllGovernor Action - Signed: 04/29/2013
SB13-242 Adult Dental Benefit Medicaid D. Primavera (D)J. Nicholson (D)bGreg GlischinskiGovernor Action - Signed: 05/11/2013
SB13-252 Renewable Energy Standard Retail Wholesale Methane C. Duran (D)
M. Ferrandino (D)
J. Morse (D)
G. Schwartz (D)
cSteve Merrill and Kathleen FlynnGovernor Action - Signed: 06/05/2013
SB13-277 Prior Authorization Process Drug Benefits J. Ginal (D)I. Aguilar (D)cAW Schnellbacher and Jean NoflesGovernor Action - Signed: 05/15/2013
SB13-287 Rural Telecommunications Act of 2013 M. McLachlan (D)G. Brophy (R)
J. Nicholson (D)
fSteve Merrill, Greg Glischinski and Ben MoultrieSenate Second Reading Laid Over to 05/10/2013: 05/06/2013
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