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Bill No. Title CCW SummarySenate SponsorsHouse SponsorsStatusSenate CommitteeHouse CommitteeHearing DateHearing RoomHearing TimeCommentFull TextPostponed Indefinitely or Dead
HB17-1034 Medical Marijuana License Issues

Concerning licensing changes to the medical marijuana code to conform with the retail marijuana code.

R. Baumgardner (R)D. Pabon (D)Governor Signed: 03/16/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyFinanceFull Text of Bill
HB17-1197 Exclude Marijuana From Farm Products Definition

Concerning the exclusion of marijuana from the definition of 'farm products' with regard to regulation of farm products under the 'Farm Products Act'.

D. Coram (R)J. Ginal (D)Governor Signed: 04/06/2017Agriculture, Natural Resources, and EnergyAgriculture, Livestock and Natural ResourcesFull Text of Bill
HB17-1203 Local Government Special Sales Tax On Retail Marijuana

Concerning the authority of certain local governments to levy a special sales tax on retail marijuana in certain circumstances subject to voter approval by the eligible electors of the local government.

L. Crowder (R)
B. Martinez Humenik (R)
S. Lebsock (D)Governor Signed: 05/04/2017Local GovernmentLocal GovernmentFull Text of Bill
HB17-1220 Prevent Marijuana Diversion To Illegal Market

Concerning measures to stop diversion of legal marijuana to the illegal market.

R. Fields (D)
R. Gardner (R)
K. Becker (D)
C. Wist (R)
Governor Signed: 06/08/2017JudiciaryFinanceFull Text of Bill
HB17-1221 Grey And Black Market Marijuana Enforcement Efforts

Concerning grey and black market marijuana enforcement efforts.

I. Aguilar (D)
J. Cooke (R)
Y. Willett (R)
D. Pabon (D)
Governor Signed: 06/08/2017JudiciaryFinanceFull Text of Bill
HB17-1295 Repeal Governor's Office Of Marijuana Coordination

Concerning the repeal of the governor's office of marijuana coordination.

D. Moreno (D)B. Rankin (R)Governor Signed: 05/25/2017AppropriationsFinanceFull Text of Bill
HB17-1345 Retail Marijuana Sales Tax Rate

Concerning the continuation of the current retail marijuana sales tax rate.


D. Moreno (D)B. Rankin (R)Senate Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely: 05/04/2017FinanceAppropriationsFull Text of Bill
HB17-1367 Authorize Marijuana Clinical Research

Concerning marijuana research authorization.

R. Baumgardner (R)
C. Jahn (D)
D. Pabon (D)
J. Arndt (D)
Governor Became Law: 06/07/2017FinanceAgriculture, Livestock and Natural ResourcesFull Text of Bill
SB17-015 Unlawful Marijuana Advertising

Concerning the unlawful advertising of marijuana.

I. Aguilar (D)D. Pabon (D)Governor Signed: 04/04/2017JudiciaryFinanceFull Text of Bill
SB17-017 Allow Medical Marijuana Use For Stress Disorders

The bill adds acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of debilitating medical conditions for the purposes of the use of medical marijuana.

I. Aguilar (D)J. Singer (D)Governor Signed: 06/05/2017State, Veterans, and Military AffairsState, Veterans, & Military AffairsFull Text of Bill
SB17-025 Marijuana Education Materials Resource Bank

Concerning the development of marijuana education materials.

R. Baumgardner (R)
C. Holbert (R)
J. Singer (D)Governor Signed: 06/02/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyPublic Health Care and Human ServicesFull Text of Bill
SB17-063 Marijuana Club License

Concerning licensing marijuana consumption clubs.

V. Marble (R)J. Melton (D)Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Postpone Indefinitely: 03/01/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyFull Text of Bill
SB17-083 Rule Review Bill

Concerning implementation of recommendations of the committee on legal services in connection with legislative review of rules and regulations of state agencies.

D. Kagan (D)M. Foote (D)Governor Signed: 04/28/2017Legal ServicesFull Text of Bill
SB17-090 Measuring Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol In Industrial Hemp

Concerning how to measure the level of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol in industrial hemp.

R. Baumgardner (R)D. Mitsch Bush (D)Governor Signed: 03/16/2017Agriculture, Natural Resources, and EnergyAgriculture, Livestock and Natural ResourcesFull Text of Bill
SB17-109 Industrial Hemp Animal Feed

Concerning the use of industrial hemp in products designed for consumption.

K. Donovan (D)J. Arndt (D)Governor Signed: 03/20/2017Agriculture, Natural Resources, and EnergyAgriculture, Livestock and Natural ResourcesFull Text of Bill
SB17-111 Medical Marijuana Inventory Shortfall Fixes

Concerning measures to address medical marijuana inventory shortfalls.

T. Neville (R)D. Michaelson Jenet (D)
M. Gray (D)
Governor Vetoed: 06/09/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyFinanceFull Text of Bill
SB17-117 Recognize Industrial Hemp Agricultural Product For Agricultural Water Right

Concerning confirmation that industrial hemp is a recognized agricultural product for which a person with a water right decreed for agricultural use may use the water subject to the water right for industrial hemp cultivation.

D. Coram (R)D. Valdez (D)
M. Catlin (R)
Governor Signed: 05/21/2017Agriculture, Natural Resources, and EnergyAgriculture, Livestock and Natural ResourcesFull Text of Bill
SB17-178 Marijuana Use As A Condition Of Bond

Concerning prohibiting a court from requiring a medical-marijuana patient to abstain from the use of marijuana as a condition of bond.

V. Marble (R)J. Melton (D)Governor Signed: 04/06/2017JudiciaryPublic Health Care and Human ServicesFull Text of Bill
SB17-184 Private Marijuana Clubs Open And Public Use

Concerning measures to define lawful consumption of marijuana.

R. Gardner (R)D. Pabon (D)Senate Consideration of Second Conference Committee Report result was to Adhere - CCR produced: 05/10/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyFinanceFull Text of Bill
SB17-187 Residency Exemption Marijuana Education-based Occupational License

Concerning the authority for an exemption to the residency requirement for education-related marijuana occupational licenses.

L. Crowder (R)J. Ginal (D)Governor Signed: 06/05/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyBusiness, Affairs & LaborFull Text of Bill
SB17-192 Marijuana Business Efficiency Measures

Concerning provisions to allow marijuana businesses to operate more efficiently.

T. Neville (R)J. Singer (D)
J. Melton (D)
Governor Signed: 06/02/2017Business, Labor and TechnologyFinanceFull Text of Bill
SB17-275 Marijuana Pesticides Test Medical Effectiveness

Concerning marijuana, and, in connection therewith, authorizing research regarding the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana and the safe and effective use of pesticides and establishing interim standards for the use of pesticides.

C. Jahn (D)
R. Baumgardner (R)
J. Singer (D)
J. Melton (D)
House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor Postpone Indefinitely: 05/09/2017Agriculture, Natural Resources, and EnergyBusiness, Affairs & LaborFull Text of Bill
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