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This is a listing of bills CVMA is monitoring during the 2019 Colorado legislative session.

Bill No. Title PositionCCW SummaryFull TextFiscal NotesHouse SponsorsSenate SponsorsHouse CommitteeSenate CommitteeIntro DateStatusVotesHearing DateHearing TimeHearing RoomSave to Calendar
HB19-1009 Substance Use Disorders Recovery c

Concerning supports for persons recovering from substance use disorders, and, in connection therewith, expanding a program in the department of local affairs that provides vouchers for housing assistance to certain individuals, requiring each recovery residence operating in Colorado to be licensed by the department of public health and environment, and creating the opioid crisis recovery fund.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 07/09/2019J. Singer (D)
C. Kennedy (D)
K. Priola (R)
B. Pettersen (D)
Public Health Care and Human ServicesState, Veterans and Military Affairs01/04/2019Governor Signed: 05/23/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1026 Parks And Wildlife Violations Of Law c

Concerning fines assessed for violations of laws administered by the division of parks and wildlife.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 08/06/2019M. Catlin (R)
J. McCluskie (D)
D. Coram (R)
K. Donovan (D)
Rural Affairs and AgricultureAgriculture and Natural Resources01/04/2019Governor Signed: 06/03/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1077 Pharmacist Dispense Drug Without Prescription In Emergency c

Concerning authorization for a pharmacist to dispense a chronic maintenance drug to a patient without a current prescription in limited circumstances.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 05/22/2019D. Roberts (D)B. Pettersen (D)
J. Tate (R)
Health and InsuranceHealth and Human Services01/11/2019Governor Signed: 03/21/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1092 Animal Ban For Cruelty To Animals Conviction c

Concerning a prohibition on future ownership of an animal for persons convicted of animal cruelty.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 09/11/2019A. Valdez (D)J. Ginal (D)JudiciaryJudiciary01/14/2019Governor Signed: 05/01/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1102 Nonanimal And Lab-grown Meat Misbranding c

Concerning the definitions applicable to the misbranding of food, and, in connection therewith, prohibiting labeling food that does not come from animals as "meat" or terms that describe meat and requiring cultured meat labeling to display notice of its origin.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 05/30/2019K. Lewis (R)
R. Pelton (R)
J. Sonnenberg (R)
J. Ginal (D)
Public Health Care and Human Services01/14/2019House Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely: 03/01/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1109 Convalescent Centers As Pharmacies c

Concerning an addition to the definition of "other outlet" to enable a licensed convalescent center to operate a pharmacy for the benefit of patients being treated in the convalescent center.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 05/31/2019E. Hooton (D)
C. Larson (R)
B. Pettersen (D)
J. Tate (R)
Public Health Care and Human ServicesHealth and Human Services01/14/2019Governor Signed: 03/07/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1144 Court Facility Dog For Child Witness Testimony c

Concerning allowing a court facility dog to accompany a child witness during testimony in trial proceedings.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 05/08/2019T. Sullivan (D)Judiciary01/29/2019House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely: 02/12/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1145 Primary Residence Exempt Liens For Medical Debt c

Concerning an exemption for a judgment debtor's primary residence from a lien arising from a judgment for medical debt.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 05/22/2019K. Tipper (D)
S. Jaquez Lewis (D)
Finance01/29/2019House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely: 03/11/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1154 Patient Choice Of Pharmacy c

Concerning the ability of a person eligible for prescription drug benefits to choose the pharmacy at which to fill a prescription drug order.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 06/26/2019M. Catlin (R)
K. Mullica (D)
J. Danielson (D)
D. Coram (R)
Health and Insurance01/29/2019House Committee on Health & Insurance Postpone Indefinitely: 02/13/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1158 Sheriff Enforcement Dangerous Dog Statute c

Concerning enforcement of the unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog statute.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 06/12/2019K. Lewis (R)Judiciary01/29/2019House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely: 02/26/2019Votes all Legislators
HB19-1172 Title 12 Recodification And Reorganization c

Concerning an organizational recodification of title 12 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, and, in connection therewith, limiting substantive changes to those that conform similar provisions to achieve uniformity, eliminate redundancy, or allow for the consolidation of common provisions or that eliminate provisions that are archaic or obsolete.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 06/12/2019M. Weissman (D)J. Cooke (R)
R. Gardner (R)
JudiciaryJudiciary02/07/2019Governor Signed: 04/25/2019Votes all Legislators
SB19-005 Import Prescription Drugs From Canada c

Concerning wholesale importation of prescription pharmaceutical products from Canada for resale to Colorado residents. 

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 08/19/2019S. Jaquez Lewis (D)J. Ginal (D)
R. Rodriguez (D)
Health and InsuranceHealth and Human Services01/04/2019Governor Signed: 05/16/2019Votes all Legislators
SB19-079 Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances c

Concerning a requirement that certain practitioners prescribe controlled substances electronically.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 05/23/2019L. Landgraf (R)
D. Esgar (D)
N. Todd (D)
K. Priola (R)
Public Health Care and Human ServicesBusiness, Labor and Technology01/14/2019Governor Signed: 04/08/2019Votes all Legislators
SB19-158 Sunset Pet Animal Care And Facilities Act c

Concerning the continuation of the "Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act", and, in connection therewith, implementing some of the recommendations contained in the 2018 sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies and making an appropriation.

Full Text of BillFiscal Notes : 08/07/2019M. Froelich (D)J. Ginal (D)Rural Affairs and AgricultureLocal Government02/21/2019Governor Signed: 05/31/2019Votes all Legislators
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