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Sue Schafer


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Chamber House
District HD24
D: 35.7%
R: 30.7%
U: 32.8%
Party Democrat
Committees Health, Insurance & Environment, Health, Insurance, & Environment, Public Health Care & Human Services
Address 200 E. Colfax, Room 305

Phone 303-866-5522
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Education University of Nebraska/Univ. Of Colorado
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Name:    SCHAFER, SUE COMMITTEE TO ELECT    Committee ID:    20075604299
Physical Address:    3445 WADSWORTH BLVD. APT 3    Committee Type:    Candidate Committee
WHEATRIDGE CO 80033    Status:    Active
Mailing Address:    3445 WADSWORTH BLVD. APT 3    Date Registered:    02/13/2007
WHETRIDGE CO 80033    Date Terminated:    
Phone:    303-431-4358     Fax:           
Registered Agent:    ROGER EGERDAHL    Phone:    303-431-4358    Email:    ROGEREGERDAHL@COMCAST.NET
Designated Filing Agent:    KRISTIN MILLIKAN    Phone:    303-866-5522    Email:    KRISTIN.MILLIKAN07@GMAIL.COM


Jobs and the Economy

    •    Reinvest in existing businesses and attract new businesses in fields like healthcare, renewable energy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

    •    Provide tax incentives to retain and attract businesses which create jobs for Coloradans.

    •    Invest in infrastructure to maintain our roads and bridges for safety and efficiency.

    •    Invest in a high-quality workforce through 21st century work skills and technology.

    •    Provide all Coloradans with a fair, livable wage.


    •    Increase early childhood education to later reduce achievement gaps and dropout rates.

    •    Recruit and reward highly qualified teachers, professors, and administrators.

    •    Create partnerships with local school districts to address student proficiency of the academic standards and the 21st-century skills of innovation, entrepreneurship, and a second language.

    •    Repair the broken constitutional funding streams to K-12 and higher education for world-class education ensuring our students and adults are employable and re-employable in the global economy.

    •    Encourage more parent engagement and accountability for student success with strong parent/school partnerships and parent contracts.

Health Care

    •    Strengthening health care affordability, portability and quality for all Coloradans while aligning with the national health care reform law.

    •    Support incentives for prevention of illness and injury with wellness and nutrition education.

    •    Coordinate medical services for consumers by reducing paperwork and bureaucracy among providers.

Protecting Communities and Families

    •    Protect and increase services for the developmentally disabled, the elderly, and at-risk children.

    •    Build partnerships with agencies serving older adults for improved transportation and housing.

    •    Increase penalties for sexual predators and for perpetrators of domestic violence.

    •    Preserve and standardize the collection and use of evidence and DNA evidence so all citizens have due process under the law.


    •    Increase mass transit/multi-modal options for citizens to include light rail, I-70 rail, express buses, bicycle and pedestrian paths.  

    •    Repair the existing system to a high safety standard prioritizing repairing of bridges.    

    •    Pursue private-public partnerships to pay for mass transit development. 

    •    End the abuse of eminent domain with government seizing small businesses and homes.

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination

    •    Ensure that all law-abiding, tax-paying citizens have equal rights regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, or religion. These rights apply to employment, education, health care, housing, voting, and other rights and benefits under the law.

    •    Assure fair wages, fair benefits, and safe working conditions for all employees in the labor force

    •    Improve physical accommodations so persons with disabilities can access all public services.


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