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John Kefalas

(incumbent Senate)

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Office Democrat
D: 32.4%
R: 30.6%
U: 36%
Candidate for Office
D: 32.4%
R: 30.6%
U: 36%
Offices Held
Total Funds $68,623.55
Funds on hand $41,490.37
Committees Local Government
Donors Donors
Phone 303-866-4841
Email Capitol Email:
Campaign Email:
Web Sites State
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Bio Bio
Occupation Legislator
Education Fairleigh Dickinson University
Candidate Committee Info

Name: PEOPLE FOR JOHN KEFALAS Committee ID: 20115022165 Physical Address: 604 SYCAMORE ST Committee Type: Candidate Committee         FORT COLLINS CO 80521 Status: Active Mailing Address: 604 SYCAMORE ST Date Registered: 08/19/2011         FORT COLLINS CO 80521 Date Terminated:   Phone: 970-221-1135     Fax:        Web: WWW,JOHNKEFALAS,ORG                 Purpose: TO PROMOTE THE 2016 RE-ELECTION OF JOHN KEFALAS TO BE COLORADO'S SENATE DISTRICT 14 SENATOR     Registered Agent: ANDREW MCMAHAN Phone: 970-495-1023 Email: MCMAHANAJ@YAHOO.COM Designated Filing Agent: ELIZABETH HELMERS Phone: 970-221-1135 Email: BHELMERS@FRII.COM

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