Legislative Year: 2014 Change

Amy Stephens

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Chamber House
District HD19
D: 13.6%
R: 59%
U: 26.9%
Party Republican
Committees Public Health Care & Human Services
Address 200 E. Colfax, Room 271

Phone 303-866-2924
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Web Sites State
Bio Bio
Education California State Univ. Fullerton/Univ. of Cal.
Candidate Committee Info

Representative Stephens is a candidate for the US Senate


Jobs, Economy, and Small Business

  • Majority Leader Stephens Promise to Voters >>Read
  • Majority Leader Stephens stands for freedom and economic growth >>Read
  • Learn how Majority Leader  Stephens is helping jobs and businesses grow  >>Read
  • Stephens is working to reverse burdensome tax measure implemented by former Gov Ritter >>here


  • Majority Leader Amy Stephens fought to win the Republican majority that will limit government and protect our liberty! >>Read

Second Amendment

  • We have a God-given rights to life, liberty, and property, and government exists to protect those rights. A bold, conservative leader, Majority Leader Amy Stephens leads the fight to protect your rights, safety, and security. Majority Leader Stephens is proud to have been endorsed by the NRA
  • Awarded A+ ratings from the NRA and endorsed by the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition, Majority Leader Amy Stephens co-sponsors every pro-2nd Amendment bill run in the legislature.
  • Majority Leader Stephens has submitted a bill to protect your right to bear arms during a state of emergency >>Read

 States Rights

  • Majority Leader Amy Stephens fundamentally believes that Coloradans know best how to handle issues that impact our communities. Local control is a fundamental pillar of our Constitution and should always been defended.
  • Whether it’s protecting local communities from the effects of unfunded mandates, creating a firewall of protection from Obamacare, fighting to pass legislation to opt our state out of Obamacare, or her tough illegal alien crime bill, Amy Stephens has a consistent record of standing up for our states’ rights.
  • Leadership matters and Majority Leader Stephens fight’s for House District 19 communities because we know best how to handle the tough issues before us.

Family Values, Life and Civil Unions

  • Majority Leader Stephens Promise to Voters >>Read
  • Stephens believes in traditional marriage and does not support Civil Unions  >>Read
  • Majority Leader Stephens calls on her opponent to STOP misleading voters >>Read


  • Majority Leader Amy Stephens fights for small business and voters >>Read
  • Learn the truth about Colorado Healthcare exchanges >>here
  • Gazette agrees with Rep Stephens – We need SB200 to stop Obamacare in Colorado Read More
  • Colorado director for the National Federation of Independent Business says why Colorado needs SB200 >>Read
  • A doctor’s perspective on SB 200 >>Read
  • Galen Institute confirms the wisdom of SB200 >>Read

 Veterans Support

  • Majority Leader Amy Stephens ran an amendment to the budget that funded Veteran’s Court and supported Veteran’s mental health issues. Majority Leader Stephens worked with our Joint Budget Committee, fought for the only amendment that made it through the budget process this year- and won big for our Veterans!
  • Amy’s opponent ran a Veteran’s Court bill that she asked to be funded with federal tax dollars.
  • Leadership requires finding answers to problems, working with others to get things done and taking the risks necessary to accomplish smart public policy.
  • Military Leaders Endorse Amy Stephens  >>Read

Illegal Immigration

  • Majority Leader Amy Stephens leads the fight against illegal immigration  >>Read

Strong and Safe Communities

  • Majority Leader Stephens is committed to keeping House District 19 Strong and Safe >>Read


  • Majority Leader Stephens Promise to Voters >>Read

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