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based on: SenCands2018

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Office Name Party Funds TotalFunds on HandDonors
House Lontine, S. (D) ** DEM $11,251.56$3,906.18Donors
House Hooton, E. (D) ** DEM $66,692.95$8,295.75Donors
House Williams, D. (R) ** REP $25,788.93$15,364.26 Donors
House Benavidez, A. (D) ** DEM $5,028.72$761.64Donors
House Weissman, M. (D) ** DEM $29,134.59$21,329.79Donors
House Melton, J. (D) ** DEM $11,290.58$1,205.11Donors
House Humphrey, S. (R) ** REP $17,665.48$13,061.41Donors
Senate Hisey, D. (R) REP $30,325$1,796.13Donors
Senate Garcia, L. (D) ** DEM $115,920.00$85,691.35Donors
Senate Donovan, K. (D) ** DEM $124,382.03 $100,128.85Donors
Senate Coram, D. (R) ** REP $16,404.18$2,939.44Donors
Senate Bennett, A. (D) DEM $0$0Donors
Senate Lundeen, P. (R) REP $43,054.03$22,421.74Donors
Senate Cranston, R. (D) DEM $35,356.51 $20,696.87Donors
Senate Chase, T. (D) DEM $0$0Donors
Senate Neville, T. (R) ** REP $138,032.63$120,565.81Donors
Senate Story, T. (D) DEM $189,857.85$181,581.61Donors
Senate Danielson, J. (D) DEM $170,249.21$148,464.77Donors
Senate Jensen, C. (R) REP $79,379.66$74,559.97Donors
Senate Kellen, K. (D) DEM $0$0Donors
Senate Sanchez, T. (R) REP $73,715.57$52,142.31Donors
Senate Martinez Humenik, B. (R) ** REP $68,273.72$38,900.55Donors
Senate Matkowsky, A. (U) UAF $7,993.00$2,245.2Donors
Senate Winter, F. (D) DEM $233,365.14$173,084.01Donors
Senate Holbert, C. (R) ** REP $81,041.58 $29,624.32Donors
Senate Gibson, H. (D) DEM $39,396.50$6,748.33Donors
Senate Neumann, Z. (D) DEM $129,959.36$57,354.15Donors
Senate Rodriguez, R. (D) DEM $173,620.77$8,763.45Donors
Senate Smith, P. (U) UAF $17,990.00$14,765.92Donors
Senate Wright, L. (D) DEM $2,500.00$1,978.85Donors
Senate Kennedy-Shaffer, A. (D) DEM $36,742.24$22,138.35Donors
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