Legislative Year: 2015 Change

Bill Detail: SB14-165

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Chamber Senate
Title K-12 Academic Growth Performance Eval 2014-15
House Sponsors C. Peniston (D)
C. Murray (R)
Senate Sponsors A. Kerr (D)
M. Johnston (D)

Current law and rule require school district boards of education
(local boards) to base at least 50% of the final level of effectiveness
assessed to licensed personnel (educator) on student academic growth.
The bill allows a local board to determine, for the 2014-15 academic year
only, what percentage, if any, of the final level of effectiveness assessed
to an educator in his or her final performance evaluation must be based
on student academic growth. All other components of the licensed
personnel evaluation system based on quality standards, including student
academic growth, must be implemented in the 2014-15 academic year.

Date Introduced 03/21/2014
Amendments out of Committee None
Bill News None
House Committee Education
Senate Committee Education
Status Governor Signed (05/09/2014)
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