Legislative Year: 2015 Change

Bill Detail: SB14-045

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Chamber Senate
Title Responsibility Local Officials Wildland Fire Mgmt
House Sponsors
Senate Sponsors K. Lambert (R)

The bill amends existing statutory provisions specifying the
authority and responsibility among state and local officials in the area of
wildfire management to specify the following:
  • In the case of a wildfire that exceeds the capabilities of the
fire protection district to control or extinguish, the fire
chief is responsible for seeking the assistance of the county
  • In connection with the sheriff's authority as the fire warden
of the county, the county sheriff is a principal coordinator
of the federal, state, or local response to any wildfire. In
such capacity, the sheriff may assume any duty or
responsibility regularly assumed by a fire protection district
in any unincorporated area within the territorial boundaries
of the county if the sheriff determines, in the exercise of his
or her discretion, that a wildfire exceeds the capability of
the fire protection district to control or extinguish.

Date Introduced 01/08/2014
Amendments out of Committee None
Bill News None
House Committee
Senate Committee State, Veterans, & Military Affairs
Status Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely (01/29/2014)
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