Legislative Year: 2014 Change

Bill Detail: SB11-018

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Chamber Senate
Title Proof Of Citizenship For Voter Registration
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A person who applies to register to vote is required to provide proof of citizenship. An applicant establishes proof of citizenship by providing:

  • A United States passport or photocopy thereof;
  • A birth certificate or photocopy thereof;
  • A United States naturalization document or a photocopy thereof;
  • The number on the applicant's certificate of naturalization, verified by the county clerk and recorder; or
  • Any document or method of proof of citizenship established by federal immigration law.

Additionally, the county clerk and recorder is prohibited from registering a person who has completed a provisional ballot affidavit until the person provides proof of citizenship.

A person is exempt from the proof of citizenship requirements if the person is registered prior to July 1, 2011, or if the person is an absent uniformed services elector or a nonresident or resident overseas elector and applies to register by federal postcard application.

A registered elector is not required to submit proof of citizenship when the elector:

  • Moves from one county to another county within the state and has completed an emergency registration affidavit;
  • Moves within the county and changes his or her address on the registration record;
  • Changes his or her name on the registration record; or
  • Declares, changes, or withdraws an affiliation with a political party or political organization.
Date Introduced 00/00/0000
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House Committee
Senate Committee State, Veterans, Military Affairs
Status Postponed indefinitely (01/26/2011)
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