Legislative Year: 2015 Change

Bill Detail: HB14-1280

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Chamber House
Title Agritourism Limited Civil Liablity
House Sponsors T. Dore (R)
Senate Sponsors G. Schwartz (D)

Current law limits the civil liability of persons involved in
agricultural recreation activities. The bill changes the terminology to
agritourism and specifies that a participant in agritourism assumes the
risks inherent in such activity. In order to claim the limited liability, a
person involved in agritourism must notify the participant of the risks
inherent in the activity and of the limited liability. The bill authorizes the
notice to be in the form of a signed statement by the participant or a sign
posted on the property.

Date Introduced 02/14/2014
Amendments out of Committee None
Bill News None
House Committee Judiciary
Senate Committee Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy
Status Governor Signed (06/06/2014)
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