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Bill Detail: HB12-1008

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Chamber House
Title GA & Public Input Proposed Agency Rules & Fees
House Sponsors C. Acree (R)
Senate Sponsors C. Jahn (D)

An executive branch agency of state government considering adopting rules shall establish a representative group of participants with an interest in the subject of the rule-making to submit views or otherwise participate in conferences or to participate in the rule-making hearing on the proposals under consideration. If the agency convenes a representative group prior to issuing a notice of proposed rule-making, the agency shall include the group participants in the notice of the actual rule-making hearing.

If an agency proposes a rule to increase fees or fines, at the time of giving notice of proposed rule-making under the State Administrative Procedure Act or within 10 days following the adoption of an emergency or temporary rule that increases fees or fines, the agency shall send a written or electronic notification to each member of the general assembly notifying the members about the proposed rule or about the adoption of an emergency rule and specifying the amount of the increase in the fees or fines.

Principal departments of state government shall submit a departmental regulatory agenda each November 1 to the legislative council staff for distribution to the applicable oversight committee of reference of the general assembly. The departmental regulatory agenda shall include:

  • A list of new rules or revisions to existing rules that thedepartment expects to propose during the next calendar year;
  • The statutory or other basis for adoption of the proposed rules;
  • The purpose of the proposed rules;
  • The contemplated schedule for adoption of the rules;
  • An identification and listing of persons or parties that may be affected positively or negatively by the rules; and
  • An update and brief summary of all permanent and temporaryrules actually adopted since the previous departmental regulatory agenda was filed.
  • Each principal department shall present its departmental regulatory agenda to the applicable oversight committee of reference of the general assembly during the departmental presentations on strategic plans and performance-based budgeting held during the first 15 days of the

legislative session.

Date Introduced 00/00/0000
Amendments out of Committee
Bill News None
House Committee Economic and Business Development
Senate Committee Finance
Status Governor Action - Signed (05/20/2012)
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