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Bill Detail: HB11-1273


Chamber House
Title Health Care Opportunity Patient Empower
House Sponsors
Senate Sponsors
Description The bill enacts the "Health Care Opportunity and Patient Empowerment Act", which requires the executive directors of the departments of health care policy and financing, public health and environment, and labor and employment and the commissioner of insurance, in consultation with other state agencies and stakeholders they deem appropriate, to develop a health care interstate compact that would allow signatory states to opt out of federal health care reform legislation as well as any other federal law regulating health care and instead regulate health care in each signatory state in the manner determined appropriate for that state by its legislature. The executive directors and commissioner are to keep the general assembly apprised of its progress through periodic reports to specified committees of reference of the senate and house of representatives.
Date Introduced 00/00/0000
Amendments out of Committee None
Bill News None
House Committee Health and Environment
Senate Committee Local Government
Status Postponed indefinitely (05/11/2011)
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