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Bill: HB14-1048
Title: Religious Freedom Higher Education Student Groups
Official Summary

The bill prohibits a state institution of higher education
(institution) from denying a religious student group a benefit that the
institution provides to a nonreligious student group solely because the
religious student group requires its leaders to adhere to the group's
sincerely held religious beliefs or standards of conduct. These benefits
include recognition, registration, use of institution facilities, use of
institution channels of communication, and available institution funding

Senate SponsorsL. Tochtrop (D)
House SponsorsK. Priola (R)
StatusHouse Committee on Education Postpone Indefinitely (01/27/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: SB14-103
Title: Phase In High-efficiency Water Fixture Options
Official Summary

The bill defines a watersense-listed plumbing fixture as one that
has been:
  • Tested by an accredited third-party certifying body or
laboratory in accordance with the federal environmental
protection agency's WaterSense program;
  • Certified by such body or laboratory as meeting the
performance and efficiency requirements of the program;
  • Authorized by the program to use its label.
Current law requires water-efficient indoor plumbing fixtures in
only three contexts:
  • Builders of new single-family detached residences must
offer the buyers toilets, faucets, and showerheads that meet
the current standards of the WaterSense program;
  • Tank-type water closets and flushometer toilets in new
state buildings must meet certain standards that are either
less stringent than or as stringent as the current WaterSense
standards; and
  • New construction and renovation of residential structures
and office, commercial, or industrial buildings must meet
standards that are less stringent than the current
WaterSense standards.
Section 1 of the bill prohibits the sale of lavatory faucets, shower
heads, flushing urinals, tank-type toilets, and tank-type water closets on
and after September 1, 2016, unless they are a watersense-listed plumbing
fixture. Sections 2 through 5 amend or repeal conflicting portions of
current law.

Senate SponsorsL. Guzman (D)
House SponsorsR. Fischer (D)
StatusGovernor Signed (06/06/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: SB14-118
Title: Protections For Individuals With Disabilities
Official Summary

The bill conforms several definitions related to discrimination
based on a disability (discrimination) to the federal Americans With
Disabilities Act of 1990, including changing the term assistance dog
to service animal. The fine for discrimination in places of public
accommodation, housing, and or violations of the rights of an individual
with a disability who uses a service animal or a trainer of a service animal
is increased to $3,500. Penalties are added for a person who causes harm
to a service animal or service animal in training or a person who owns an
animal that causes harm to a service animal or service animal in training.
The bill makes conforming amendments.

Senate SponsorsP. Steadman (D)
House SponsorsJ. Melton (D)
StatusGovernor Signed (05/22/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room
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