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Bill: HB14-1094
Title: Sales & Use Tax Holiday For Back-to-school Items
Official Summary

Section 1 of the bill creates a state sales and use tax exemption for
back-to-school items. The exemption applies for 3 days in the beginning
of August for a back-to-school item, which is defined to mean clothing,
shoes, or school supplies. Clothing includes sport and recreational
equipment, but does not include clothing accessories. The exemption only
applies for an article of clothing, including shoes, that is less than $75 and
a school supply that is less than $50.
The exemption period occurs in 5 consecutive years beginning
with the first August after a fiscal year in which gross general fund
revenues are estimated to be at least $8.5 billion.
Section 2 of the bill permits a town, city, or county to create a
sales tax exemption that is identical to the state exemption.

Senate SponsorsC. Jahn (D)
House SponsorsD. Pabon (D)
StatusHouse Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely (04/04/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: HB14-1124
Title: In-state Tuition American Indian Tribes Ties To CO
Official Summary

The bill requires a state-supported institution of higher education
to classify as an in-state student for tuition purposes a student who is a
member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe with historical
ties to Colorado, as designated by the Colorado commission on Indian
Affairs. A student classified as an in-state student pursuant to this tuition
classification may be counted as a resident for any purpose and is eligible
for state financial aid and the college opportunity fund stipend. The bill
exempts Fort Lewis College from its provisions.

Senate SponsorsL. Tochtrop (D)
House SponsorsJ. Salazar (D)
StatusSenate Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely (04/29/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: HB14-1179
Title: Veterans Workforce Accelerator Grant Program
Official Summary

The bill creates the veterans workforce accelerator grant program
(grant program). The grant program awards grants to an eligible recipient
as matching funding for an accelerated, hands-on skills training program
for advanced industry jobs. The department of labor and employment
(department) administers the grant program, and the state workforce
development council (state council) awards the grant based on criteria
outlined in the bill, with preference given to a training program that has,
as a core component, advanced industry skills training for veterans.
The bill creates the veterans workforce accelerator fund for the
grant program.
The department is required to establish reporting requirements for
the grant recipient and to report to the general assembly concerning the
grant program and the use and effectiveness of grant funds.

Senate Sponsors
House SponsorsL. Landgraf (R)
StatusHouse Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely (02/18/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: HB14-1193
Title: Research Retrieval Fees Public Records Under CORA
Official Summary

The bill allows a custodian of public records under the Colorado
Open Records Act to impose a fee in response to a request for the
research and retrieval of such records only if the custodian has, prior to
the date of receiving the request, either posted on the custodian's web site
or otherwise published a written policy that specifies the applicable
conditions concerning the research and retrieval of public records by the
custodian. Any fee the custodian charges the requestor for the research
and retrieval of public records must be nominal in comparison to the time
the custodian spends responding to the volume of requests. The bill
prohibits the custodian under any circumstances from charging an hourly
fee for the research and retrieval of public records that exceeds three
times the state minimum wage.

Senate SponsorsJ. Kefalas (D)
House SponsorsJ. Salazar (D)
StatusGovernor Signed (05/02/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: SB14-001
Title: College Affordability Act
Official Summary

For fiscal years 2014-15 through 2015-16, the bill reduces from
9% to 6% the amount by which a governing board of a state institution of
higher education may increase undergraduate, resident tuition; except that
the Colorado school of mines may increase its tuition by the greater of 6%
or twice the inflation rate. If a governing board wants to increase tuition
by more than 6%, it must first receive authorization from the Colorado
commission on higher education by submitting a financial and
accountability plan.
The bill appropriates additional moneys to the department of
higher education for financial aid, the college opportunity fund program,
and the state institutions of higher education.

Senate SponsorsA. Kerr (D)
C. Jahn (D)
House SponsorsL. Garcia (D)
M. McLachlan (D)
StatusGovernor Signed (05/01/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room

Bill: SB14-011
Title: Colorado Energy Research Authority
Official Summary

The bill changes the name of the Colorado renewable research
authority to the Colorado energy research authority (authority) and makes
the following changes to the authority:
  • Names the chancellor of the university of Colorado at
Boulder as an ex officio member, instead of the president
of the university of Colorado;
  • Makes 2 of the governor's appointments to the authority
board mandatory, instead of permissive;
  • Identifies the consortium that receives allocations from the
authority as the Colorado energy research collaboratory
  • Permits the authority to undertake various promotional and
educational activities, rather than requiring it to do so;
  • Permits the authority to promote the collaboratory's
activities in order to increase the federal energy research
funding and energy-related research funding;
  • Modifies the information to be included in the authority's
annual report and requires the report to be delivered to the
Colorado office of economic development (office) instead
of legislative committees; and
  • Substitutes clean energy for renewable energy.
The bill also creates the energy research cash fund. The state
treasurer is required to transfer $2 million at the beginning of the next 5
fiscal years, and these transfers will be included in the annual general
appropriation act for informational purposes. The moneys in the fund are
continuously appropriated to the office for its administrative expenses and
for the purpose of distributing moneys to the authority for use as state
matching funds and for the authority's other permitted activities. The
office may not distribute any moneys to the authority for use as state
matching funds unless the office receives proof of the other matching
funds. The authority may not use more than $100,000 per year for its
other permitted activities.
Following a fiscal year when the office distributed money to the
authority, the office is required to submit a report to the legislative
committees summarizing all of the distributions made during the
preceding fiscal year. The report must include any information provided
to the office by the authority in its report.

Senate SponsorsR. Heath (D)
House SponsorsD. Hullinghorst (D)
StatusGovernor Signed (05/16/2014)
Hearing Date
Hearing Time
Hearing Room
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