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Bill No. Title CCW SummaryHouse SponsorsHouse CommitteeHearing DateSenate SponsorsSenate CommitteePosition
HB16-1009 Fallen Heroes License Plates Local Authorities

The bill authorizes local authorities to be issued fallen hero license plates.

P. Buck (R)Transportation & EnergyJ. Cooke (R)Financec
HB16-1021 Race Info ID Application

The bill requires that an application for a driver's license or state identification card include the opportunity for the applicant to self-identify his or her race or ethnicity.

J. Salazar (D)JudiciaryE. Roberts (R)
J. Ulibarri (D)
HB16-1023 Deadly Force Against An Intruder At A Business

The bill extends the right to use deadly force against an intruder under certain conditions to include owners, managers, and employees of businesses.

J. Everett (R)State, Veterans, & Military Affairsc
HB16-1024 Repeal Ammo Magazine Prohibition

The bill repeals statutory provisions prohibiting large-capacity ammunition magazines.

S. Humphrey (R)
L. Saine (R)
State, Veterans, & Military AffairsV. Marble (R)c
HB16-1032 Changes To Contents Of Criminal Summons

The bill removes the requirement to include the person's license plate number and driver's license number on the summons

S. Lontine (D)JudiciaryN. Todd (D)
J. Cooke (R)
HB16-1066 Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders

The bill maintains the sentencing provision for a misdemeanor involving domestic violence and describes the procedures that a court would use to determine whether the defendant has been convicted of 3 previous offenses that include an act of domestic violence.

C. Roupe (R)JudiciaryL. Newell (D)Judiciaryc
HB16-1080 Assault By Strangulation

The bill adds intentionally causing serious bodily injury through strangulation as a means of committing the crime of first degree assault and intentionally causing bodily injury through strangulation as a means of committing second degree assault.

M. Foote (D)
L. Landgraf (R)
JudiciaryM. Johnston (D)
J. Cooke (R)
HB16-1104 Summons In Lieu Of Warrant For Non-violent Crimes

The bill amends this provision to state that, except for class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4 felonies; certain crimes relating to victim's rights laws; and in unclassified felonies punishable by a maximum penalty of more than 10 years, a law enforcement officer, in his or her discretion, may issue a summons commanding the appearance of the defendant in lieu of a warrant for his or her arrest based on probable cause in certain circumstances.

C. Roupe (R)JudiciaryJ. Cooke (R)Judiciaryc
HB16-1108 Residential Real Estate Disclose Large Plant Grow

The bill requires the Colorado real estate commission to adopt rules for the disclosure in a listing contract, contract of sale, or seller's disclosure of whether the property was used for the cultivation of 7 or more plants of specified size using any amount of pesticides or fertilizers.

K. Conti (R)Business, Affairs & Laborc
HB16-1115 No Record Sealing Municipal Domestic Violence

The bill prohibits sealing a municipal assault or battery conviction or any other municipal conviction, if the conviction involves the underlying factual basis of domestic violence.

K. Van Winkle (R)State, Veterans, & Military Affairsc
HB16-1117 Record Custodial Interrogations

The bill requires all law enforcement agencies to have audio-visual recording equipment available and policies and procedures in place for preserving custodial interrogations by January 1, 2017.

D. Kagan (D)
L. Saine (R)
JudiciaryI. Aguilar (D)
J. Cooke (R)
State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
HB16-1129 Charitable Fraud Enhanced Enforcement Measures

The bill creates enhanced penalties under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act for committing acts of charitable fraud involving knowledge or intent under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act. 

E. McCann (D)
P. Lawrence (R)
JudiciaryR. Heath (D)
L. Crowder (R)
HB16-1143 Prohibit Red Light Cameras Photo Radar Auto ID Sys

The bill repeals the authorization for the state, a county, a city and county, or a municipality to use automated vehicle identification systems to identify violators of traffic regulations and issue citations based on photographic evidence and creates a prohibition on such activity.

S. Humphrey (R)
K. Van Winkle (R)
State, Veterans, & Military AffairsT. Neville (R)c
HB16-1150 Counties Prohibit Underage Nicotine Possession

A county may enact an ordinance or resolution prohibiting a person who is under 18 years of age from possessing cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products.

K. Conti (R)Local Governmentc
HB16-1151 Alcohol Beverage Expand Penalty Mitigation

The bill requires state and local liquor licensing authorities to consider it a mitigating factor for certain violations of the state alcohol beverage laws if a licensee meets the requirements of a responsible vendor as defined by law.

D. Pabon (D)Business, Affairs & LaborC. Holbert (R)Business, Labor and Technologyc
HB16-1179 Concealed Carry For Military Personnel

The bill allows active duty and serving in the armed forces individuals to carry a concealed weapon even when it's unlawful to carry a concealed weapon.

P. Buck (R)State, Veterans, & Military AffairsJ. Sonnenberg (R)c
HB16-1185 Gender Identification On Birth Certificates

Under the bill, known as the 2016 Birth Certificate Modernization Act, the state registrar shall issue a new birth certificate with a different gender designation to a person who was born in this state under certain circumstances.

D. Moreno (D)Health, Insurance, & EnvironmentJ. Ulibarri (D)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
HB16-1190 Exclude Detention Facilities From Deadly Force Law

The deadly force rules around unlawful entry do not apply to detention facilities.

T. Dore (R)State, Veterans, & Military AffairsJ. Cooke (R)Judiciaryc
HB16-1215 Purposes Of Parole

The bill redefines the purposes of parole.

E. McCann (D)
D. Kagan (D)
JudiciaryL. Guzman (D)Judiciaryc
HB16-1254 P.O.S.T. Board Training Persons With Disabilities

The bill requires the P.O.S.T. board to provide a similar training curriculum on abuse and exploitation of persons 18 years of age and older who have an intellectual and developmental disability.

D. Young (D)AppropriationsK. Grantham (R)Appropriationsc
HB16-1260 Extend Statute Of Limitations Sexual Assault

The bill makes the statute of limitations for felony sexual assault
20 years.

R. Fields (D)JudiciaryM. Johnston (D)
J. Cooke (R)
HB16-1262 Law Enforcement Background Check Employment Waiver

The bill requires a P.O.S.T. certification applicant who has worked at another law enforcement agency to execute waiver to disclose all files related to previous employment.

A. Williams (D)JudiciaryJ. Cooke (R)Judiciaryc
HB16-1263 Racial Profiling Prohibition

The bill adds to the prohibition against profiling individuals for law enforcement an updated definition of profiling.

A. Williams (D)JudiciaryJ. Ulibarri (D)Judiciaryc
HB16-1264 Ban Law Enforcement Use Of Chokehold

The bill prohibits a peace officer from intentionally using a chokehold against another person.

J. Melton (D)JudiciaryM. Johnston (D)Judiciaryc
HB16-1307 Threats To Persons At Postsecondary Institutions

The bill makes it a class 6 felony if the threat involves death or serious bodily injury and the person is at a
postsecondary educational institution.

J. Melton (D)JudiciaryJ. Cooke (R)c
HB16-1311 Procedures When Orders Require Monetary Payments

The bill clarifies that procedures for sentencing requiring payment of a monetary amount also apply whenever a court enters a judgment or issues an order obligating a defendant to pay an amount to the court.

J. Salazar (D)JudiciaryM. Carroll (D)
V. Marble (R)
HB16-1344 Special Offender When Death Results After Use

The bill adds the circumstance of a person dying as a result of the use of a distributed controlled substance to the list of special offender circumstances.

M. Foote (D)JudiciaryJ. Cooke (R)c
HB16-1348 Crime Of Cruelty To Law Enforcement Service Animal

The bill establishes a specific crime for cruelty to a law enforcement service animal.

S. Ryden (D)JudiciaryN. Todd (D)Judiciaryc
HB16-1359 Use Of Medical Marijuana While On Probation

The bill eliminates the exception related to the assessment of persons on probation refraining from marijuana use.

J. Salazar (D)JudiciaryL. Guzman (D)c
HB16-1378 Court To Collect And Transfer Costs Of DUI Tests

The bill requires the court to collect DUI testing costs from the defendant and transfer them to the law enforcement agency.

J. Ginal (D)FinanceL. Crowder (R)Judiciaryc
HB16-1390 Immunity When Overdoses Reported

The bill immunizes a reporter of a drug overdose emergency from arrest as well as from prosecution.

D. Moreno (D)Public Health Care and Human ServicesL. Guzman (D)Judiciaryc
HB16-1393 Search Warrant For Communicable Disease Testing

The bill repeals provisions and substitutes a provision authorizing a court to issue a search warrant for a person's bodily fluid if probable cause exists to believe that an assault has been committed and
that the person's or another person's bodily fluid came into contact with another person.

M. Foote (D)
D. Esgar (D)
JudiciaryJ. Cooke (R)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
HB16-1399 Workers' Compensation For PTSD

The bill clarifies that a workers' compensation claim for mental impairment may not be denied based on the occupation of the worker.

J. Singer (D)Public Health Care and Human ServicesL. Newell (D)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsb
HB16-1445 Prohibit Persons Under 21 At Liquor Stores

The bill makes it unlawful for a person licensed to sell alcohol beverages at retail for off-premises consumption to allow a person under 21 years of age to enter the licensed premises.

S. Ryden (D)Business, Affairs & Laborc
SB16-008 Municipal State Highway Off-highway Vehicles

The bill grants municipalities the authority to allow off-highway vehicles to cross a state highway.

E. Vigil (D)Transportation & EnergyL. Crowder (R)Local Governmentc
SB16-017 Concealed Handgun Carry Without Permit

The bill allows a person who legally possesses a handgun under state and federal law to carry a concealed handgun in Colorado.

P. Neville (R)State, Veterans, & Military AffairsT. Neville (R)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
SB16-018 Motor Vehicle Impede Traffic

The bill prohibits a person driving a motor vehicle from impeding the flow of more than 5 motor vehicles following immediately behind.

M. Merrifield (D)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
SB16-034 Tampering With A Deceased Human Body

The bill creates the crime of tampering with a deceased human body to impair or alter its appearance to observe human remains to believe a crime has been committed and not notifying law enforcement of the potential crime.

R. Fields (D)
P. Lawrence (R)
State, Veterans, & Military AffairsJ. Sonnenberg (R)Judiciaryc
SB16-042 Immunity For Persons Involved In Overdose Events

The bill amends circumstances related to drug and alcohol overdoses and extends  immunity to (1) apply to one or 2 other persons who also satisfy the reporting conditions and (2) immunize the reporters from arrests as well as from prosecutions.

D. Moreno (D)I. Aguilar (D)Judiciaryc
SB16-048 Require Notice From Federal Agencies

The federal government must give 24 hours' notice to conduct any type of operation within the state to the county sheriff or county in which the operation will occur.

L. Saine (R)
J. Salazar (D)
State, Veterans, & Military AffairsV. Marble (R)Judiciaryc
SB16-051 Judge's Discretion Regarding Consecutive Sentences

The bill removes the requirement that people convicted of two or more separate violent crimes arising from the same incident must werve consecutive sentences.

J. Melton (D)JudiciaryK. Lundberg (R)
M. Johnston (D)
SB16-064 Death Penalty Jury Decision

The bill allows the death penalty upon agreement of 9 out of 12 jury members.

K. Lundberg (R)Judiciaryc
SB16-075 DNA Collection Misdemeanor Vulnerable Persons

The bill would require collection of a DNA sample from a person convicted
of any of the following misdemeanors:
  • Third degree assault;
  • Menacing;
  • Reckless endangerment;
  • Theft;
  • Criminal mischief;
  • Child abuse;
  • Violation of a protection order;
  • Solicitation of a prostitute; and
  • Harassment.

D. Pabon (D)
P. Lawrence (R)
M. Johnston (D)
J. Cooke (R)
SB16-080 Marijuana Grows Enclosed Space Requirements

The bill states that a person growing medical marijuana must enclose the lock the space where the plants grow if anyone under 21 comes on the premises.

D. Pabon (D)
C. Wist (R)
FinanceL. Newell (D)Business, Labor and Technologyc
SB16-103 Canadian DV Protection Order Enforcement

The bill enacts the Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act.

L. Sias (R)M. Merrifield (D)Judiciaryc
SB16-111 Colorado Mounted Rangers Peace Officer Status

The bill creates reserve peace officer category II status and confers that status to the Colorado mounted rangers.

P. Lundeen (R)State, Veterans, & Military AffairsK. Lambert (R)Judiciaryc
SB16-113 Repeal Large Ammo Magazine Ban

The bill repeals provisions related to ammunition and large-capacity magazines.

L. Saine (R)
S. Humphrey (R)
State, Veterans, & Military AffairsV. Marble (R)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
SB16-160 State Police Power Jurisdiction On Federal Lands

The bill clarifies that the state possesses, on its own behalf and on behalf of its political subdivisions, the jurisdictional right to respond to and take action on land owned and managed within the state by the United States bureau of land management (BLM lands) or the United States forest service (USFS lands) for which the federal government claims only a proprietorial interest.

P. Lundeen (R)State, Veterans, & Military AffairsK. Lambert (R)State, Veterans, and Military Affairsc
SB16-180 DOC Program For Juvenile Offenders

The bill requires the department of corrections (department) to develop and implement a program for offenders who were sentenced to an adult prison for a felony offense committed while the offender was
less than 18 years of age and who are determined to be appropriate for placement in the program.

D. Kagan (D)
K. Ransom (R)
JudiciaryL. Woods (R)
C. Jahn (D)
SB16-181 Sentencing Juveniles Convicted Of Class 1 Felonies

The bill provides a procedure for resentencing offenders sentenced as juveniles to mandatory sentences without parole.

D. Kagan (D)
T. Dore (R)
JudiciaryL. Woods (R)
C. Jahn (D)
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